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“Curiously Morbid” with Lucas King

“Curiously Morbid” with Lucas King

March 28, 2020

After a Facebook live recording intro, the team sits down with long-time friend of the podcast Lucas King. Lucas has been known for other podcasting endeavors involving leaving faith but is now here to share his new podcast, "Curiously Morbid." Lucas works as a Funeral Celebrant, which is a qualified person who officiates funeral services and his podcast will focus on his experiences and grief support to those struggling. This conversation is full of jokes and laughter with a heartfelt and important undertone: make the most of the life you have before you.

Open Mic: Devin Shelton and the Palmetto Album

Open Mic: Devin Shelton and the Palmetto Album

March 22, 2020

Elizabeth and Omar chat with Devin Shelton of Emery about their latest EP, Palmetto, available to those who join "EmeryLand". Check out the stories behind the songs, and get a sneak peek/ or is it sneak listen, to the new music. 

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ROUND TABLE!!! Omar is Ageist?!

ROUND TABLE!!! Omar is Ageist?!

March 16, 2020

After a Facebook Live recording involving politics and "unfollowing season" the Fadecasters continue their conversation full of hilarity and discussion. Chris doesn't shut up about politics, Elizabeth tries to make a point, Seth-anie shows up, we drop our two cents about COVID-19, Omar shares his true feelings about old people, Elizabeth gives a review of the latest book she's been reading, and our patreon friend Stephanie drops in for a quick hello.   There is A LOT packed into this episode! 

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Four In Tow Take Over - Jean Miller

Four In Tow Take Over - Jean Miller

March 10, 2020

You've heard us talk about it, and if you haven't found it on your own, here's a chance for you to check out Elizabeth's - Four In Tow Podcast. 

She had an interview that we felt you would enjoy, this was part three of a four part mini series she did in January featuring homeschool influencers. 

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The other resources Jean mentioned were:

Her Blog Post about the basics of the Waldorf Method including resources. 

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross

Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out by Jack Petrash 

Waldorfish with Brian and Robyn Wolfe

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Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr. Pete Montgomery

Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr. Pete Montgomery

March 8, 2020

News For Noobs!... And Omar is the "noob" on this episode, as Dr. Pete Montgomery educates us on what to expect, and how to be prepared from the pending doom of the Coronavirus. "Spoiler Alert" Its the same thing your mom told you to do your whole life to stay clean and prevent germs, but still good advice. Learn the"5 W's" to protect yourself and others against this or any other communicable disease.

Dr. Pete S. Montgomery is a family medicine doctor in Wentzville, Missouri and is affiliated with SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-Lake St. Louis. He received his medical degree from University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Pete also has recently started a podcast called "Aging is Optional" that you can find on Podbean or Apple Podcast if you are interested in hearing more from him.

Stay safe and stay clean! Thanks for Listening!

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The Psychology of Deconstruction with Michelle Collins

The Psychology of Deconstruction with Michelle Collins

March 1, 2020
In this episode, Omar and Seth sit down with Michelle Collins to review her journey with religious deconstruction. Seth initially met Michelle on the "Too Many Podcasters" podcast. Michelle is an accountant and is married with 4 children. She is currently in school pursuing a PsyD and is actively working on her dissertation. In addition to this, she is a body builder, hosts a podcast called Book Ish and is also working on a book. Michelle was heavily involved in the church but has been on her own journey of deconstruction. Join in on this conversation as these three explore the psychology of deconstruction. 

"Join us, as we Fade To Gray"

Author Josh Roggie - Shame

Author Josh Roggie - Shame

February 21, 2020

Seth, Chris & Elizabeth talk with new author, Josh Roggie about his newly released book “Shame, An Unconventional Memoir”. Josh shares stories of his past, experiences that have lead to his battle with shame, and how he’s worked through the shame to find hope.

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Open Mic! “RANSAM”

Open Mic! “RANSAM”

February 13, 2020

On this special Valentine's Day episode of "Open Mic", Elizabeth and Omar catch up with Taylor and Samantha Wix from the band "Ransam" as we discuss their new album release and what its like getting married and immediately starting a band. They talk about deeper meanings behind the lyrics, and how 70's rock played a heavy influence on their debut album "What are you so afraid of?" 

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Happy Valentines day!

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Movies That Molded Me

Movies That Molded Me

February 12, 2020

Hey FTG family! Did you know that Movies that Molded Me is now its own podcast? Go check it out here and make sure to give us a five star rating and review. It only takes a few seconds and it helps us out tremendously. Thanks for listening.


“Apparent Faith” with Karl Forehand

“Apparent Faith” with Karl Forehand

February 8, 2020

Amanda, Seth, Chris, and Omar sit down with one of Seth’s pastors from his youth. Karl Forehand has undergone a transformation in his faith journey and unpacks it in his new book, “Apparent Faith.” In this book, Karl explores his own deconstruction and how his relationship to his children led him to asking the big questions. Karl also runs his own podcast called “Desert Sanctuary” and is part of a collection of Podcasters, including Seth, called “Too Many Podcasters” which present Facebook Live conversations monthly on faith related topics. The FTG crew has a lot of fun catching up with Karl and asking some of the hard questions. 

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